Month: May 2017

Why Jeremy Goldstein Rules!

Posted by in Lawyer

In life, numerous instances occur that require a legal remedy. Oftentimes, people experience situations beyond their control. To name a few, these include domestic violence, child custody, and so forth. Although these issues present a challenge, people do not have to remain helpless. Therefore, many lawyers exist with the sole intention of rectifying such situations….

Julia Jackson: Businesswoman and Wine Enthusiast

Posted by in Business Leaders, Women in Business

Julia Jackson says that she’s always been interested in wine, and is part of the Jackson Family Wines empire. She shares that she was surrounded by wine and business of wine making for as long as she could remember. Jackson is a native of San Francisco, and was born in 1988. She remembers her father…

How Jason Halpern Is Leading The Company of His Family

Posted by in Business Leaders, Real Estate Development

Everyone wants to reach the high ceilings, but not everyone can work hard and put as much dedication as a man like Jason Halpern. Jason has a lot to teach about self-accomplishment and how to reach the milestones that you give to yourself. Having assumed the business of the family, in 2010, Jason was at…


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