Julia Jackson: Businesswoman and Wine Enthusiast

Julia Jackson says that she’s always been interested in wine, and is part of the Jackson Family Wines empire. She shares that she was surrounded by wine and business of wine making for as long as she could remember.

Jackson is a native of San Francisco, and was born in 1988. She remembers her father making her and her siblings pick and sort grapes in the hot weather while he instilled the value of hard work in him. Julia says that her dad made sure that the Jackson children knew that it took dedication to be successful, and she has taken this lesson with her throughout her life.

During summer vacations and after school, Julia worked at several of the wineries owned by the Jackson family, and formed a lifelong friendly with the French-speaking daughter of one of the winemakers who worked at the family business. The friendship between the girls led Julia to spend a summer in Bordeaux that changed her life. She learned to speak French and immersed herself in the culture of the city. She shares that learning the French philosophy behind winemaking was one of the highlights of her life. She was also able to obtain a teaching position after mastering the French language.


Julia Jackson now works with the international sales team of Jackson Family Wines and has helped to introduce her family’s quality wines to a younger generation. Jackson is also the cofounder of Rex Apps and graduated from Scripps College with a bachelor’s in Studio Art.

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