Alexandre Gama And Neogama Are The Best In The Industy

Neogama is one of the best communications and advertising firms in Brazil. The company focuses on creative ingenuity to remain successful. Alexandre Gama, whom the company is named after, is both the founder and CEO of Neogama. He created the company back in 1988 after he realized that he was meant to do more than work as a copywriter.

Alexandre Gama has been awarded and received recognition more times than almost any other businessman. For example, he was named one of the top seven most important men in Brazil and in the very same year was also named Agency Director Of The Year. He has also been called the best entrepreneur, best advertising professional, and one of the most important leaders of his time.

Not only has Alexandre Gama won awards for the work with Neogama, he has also won awards in other creative fields as well. In 2014 Alexandre Gama created a music project that is ment to showcase different Brazilian artists for the world to see. The project included a music label, a recording studio, and a YouTube channel. In addition to music, he also had his own art exhibit held at the Brazilian Museum of Art. People say his art is a great reflection of Brazilian culture.



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