Orange Coast College Battle Against The Odds For Rowing Success

Over the course of their history the Orange Coast College rowing team have taken home an amazing 11 national titles in the eight man rowing categories, including the newcomers category that sees many of their students achieve national acclaim.

What sets the students from this two year college apart is the fact the majority of rowing programs are located at four year colleges, and particularly in the blue ribbon colleges where rowing has always been a part of their history; for 60 years the students at Orange Coast College have been defying expectations by winning national titles against schools with students who have been rowing for a longer period of time and have higher levels of funding. Read more:Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

The boats themselves are expensive to purchase, some costing as much as $55,000 and have been purchased through the success that has been achieved by the school over the last 60 years. In 2017, Orange Coast College students will be defending their national championship as they set out to add to the title winning flags that line the halls of the school amid photos of the rowing teams who have achieved success over the last 60 years at this globally respected school. Success has come fast to the students of Orange Coast College and an astonishing 10 students have made their way to the rowing World Championships and appeared at the Olympic Games.

The rowing program at Orange Coast College began in the 1950s, ten years after the school itself was established in 1947; over the course of its life the school has become a major source of success growing into a college supplying courses to more than 25,000 students each year from across Southern California.

Orange College rowing program takes advantage of the beautiful weather and calm waters of Southern California that attracts students to its more than 100 accredited courses.

Classes and courses can be transferred to public and private four year colleges, which many students take advantage of after completing their course at Orange Coast College. Accreditation for courses is made through the Western Alliance of Schools and Colleges to make sure credits transfer quickly and easily for all.

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