NuoDB and Database Technology

When it comes to creating advancements in database technology, NuoDB located in Cambridge, Massachusetts is considered one of the best companies for the job. The company is still a baby in many cases, but it has grown a lot in the last decade to the point that it is an authority in database creation and maintenance.

NuoDB was founded by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey in 2008, and it operated under the name NimbusDB until 2011 when the name was changed to NuoDB. In 2015, the company was noted as the Visionary in Operational Database Management Systems.

The database NuoDB has created operates as a SQL database that operates through cloud operations. This database operates on distributed object architecture. It can work from a cloud resource, and it runs faster whenever a server is added to the mix by making it scale outward. There are several distribution tasks that it operates under, which prevent a bottleneck from forming with the data being accessed.

Transactions with NuoDB occur smoothly due to the way it operates as a relational database. It is highly functional, and many companies can benefit from it because of how it interacts with the cloud technology. It is highly versatile, and the company only shows signs of growth.


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