Month: July 2017

Why Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes the Internet of Things is the Future

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Often times when human beings think about the future we envision it as something that belongs in a George Lucas film or a Marvel movie about superheroes. Popular visions of the future often revolve around the possibility of space travel between planets and solar systems, the discovery of hostile or amenable intelligent life forms and…

Greg Secker: From Master Trader to Master Teacher

Posted by in Master Teacher

It is often quite rare of people who have made a fortune from a specialized craft to share their secrets. Often, many only want to keep the information to themselves to amass even more wealth. That, however, cannot be said of Greg Secker. The multimillionaire who grew his fortune through forex trading is today one…

Chris Burch’s Newest Success

Posted by in Investment Strategist

The worldwide brand of Burch Creative Capital, founded by Christopher Burch, embraces the motto: create. disrupt. scale. These words encapsulate not only the mindset of the man behind this franchise, but also the fashion by which his company takes on its endeavors. His 5-star resort of Nihi Sumba Island is clear evidence of this. It…

What do clients think about Securus technologies?

Posted by in Prison Communication

If you follow prison news, you have probably come across the name Securus Technologies. They are a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, and preventing crimes.   Its headquarters are in Dallas Texas; it serves more than 3450 correction facilities, and federal law enforcement centers and over 1.2M…

Chris Burch’s Hospitality Project, Nihiwatu Resort Is A Disruptive Brand

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Chris Burch is one of the billionaires who’ve left a positive mark in the business world. Renowned brands such As CWorld are a testimony of Burch’s success in the corporate world. In many quarters, Chris Burch is aptly described as a serial entrepreneur. His career stretches over four decades that are marked by great success….

Chris Burch: Converting a Hostel to the World’s Best Five-Star Hotel

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In 2012 Chris Burch together with James McBride acquired a beach hostel previously owned by a New Jersey couple in the Indonesian island of Sumba. They then spent $30 million to renovate the hostel. In 2015, they reopened it as a five-star resort under the name Nihiwatu. In 2016, the hotel was recognized by Travel+Leisure…

Why Livio Bisterzo’s HIPPEAS Is One Of The Upcoming Companies To Watch In 2017

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HIPPEAS recently grabbed the headlines by announcing its official launch in the U.S as it embarks on a remarkable mission to take snack world by storm. Dubbed the latest brand of the Organic Chickpea Puffs, the snack brands aims at revolutionizing snack consumption by offering delicious yet healthy flavors to its diverse range of customers….

Lacey and Larkin Fund, Aligning The Fight For Human Rights

Posted by in DACA, Human and Migrant Rights

It’s a well honored tradition among journalists and other types of news writers that they live and die for their craft. Sometimes that craft is based upon the protection of virtues. These virtues often call for remaining tight-lipped about the unidentified sources and research notes for a headlining story. This is something that Michael Lacey…

The Inseparable Future of Fashion and Technology

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No one will dispute the fact that technology as seen today has become fashionable, and fashion in its current state is technologically fashionable. Both industries seem to be on one fascinating journey. This trend is not sudden, it is a product of time and the destination is never in view. Back in the 70s, the…

The Innovative and Speculative Business Mogul, Christopher Burch

Posted by in Global Investor

Chris Burch is a respected investor who is always full of useful ideas in business. He is focused mainly in the following sectors; real estate, technology, fashion with manufacturing industries that have employed thousands of people in the USA. His experience in business is summarized as a success. He kicked off his career in business…

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