Adam Milstein- A Persistent Entrepreneur

A philanthropist and a real estate investor, Adam Milstein is an Israeli native who has made a tremendous impact on the business world. Currently serving as one of the leaders and a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein has built a very impressive resume over the years. Today his work is admired by many.



At his company Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein is responsible for managing financing, disposition and accounting. Born in Haifa, Israel, he served in the Yom Kippur War during the early 1970’s. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Technion, he began is walk into the business world. Over the years he has built Hager Pacific Properties into a very successful company that specializes in acquiring, industrial, retail and multi-family properties. His entire move to make his own company was birthed out of a lack of opportunities after college. Unhappy with available opportunities, he decided to started working as Real Estate Commercial broker. He would eventually go out on his own to become an investor in real estate.


In a recent interview with ideamensch,  Adam Milstein revealed some of the secrets to his success. Over the years philanthropy has become more and more a part of his daily routine. He realized that getting involved in philanthropy make his daily job more satisfying. Over the years he has developed thick skin and an attitude that says push until your ideas become reality. He believes in finding a way to get things done, even if he has to do it himself. What makes him successful as an entrepreneur? Adam Milstein believes in three core business ideals- Follow-up, consistency, and persistency. He believes this is why he is where he is today.


Adam Milstein believes in not being to set on your goals. Set them, but be flexible and understand that things can change. Many of his thoughts and philosophies come from his mentor David Hager, his partner. Adam Milstein has built a successful company and continues to make a tremendous impact on the business world.


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