Netpicks Provides Advice for Choppy Summer Trading

Over the past month, many investors have begun to get timid about investing in the market. This is largely due to a surprise sell-off in technology stocks, which has depressed many investment portfolios. At the same time, the investment season is approaching the summer months, which tend to have lower trading volume and can lead to higher volatility. While there is some risk that appears to be looming with investing in the global markets, there are some trading strategies that could help someone gain a strong return even when the markets are volatile.

The trading strategy, which is commonly referred to as a proactive strategy, encourages investors to invest in the NASDAQ 100 index fund when things appear to be going well and then switch to the inverse ETF when things appear to be going backwards. Doing this successfully could lead to a very strong return on investment in a short period of time. This strategy, which has also been called the Lock and Walk strategy, is very popular with traders this time of the year due to the volatility. Useful info on

For those that are looking for more help when it comes to trading, it would be a good idea to look further into NetPicks. NetPicks is an online financial advisor that has helped thousands of people choose investments in the stock markets. They have been one of the strongest proponents of the Lock and Walk strategy and have a long track record in helping clients manage their investments during choppy market sessions.   For more of NetPicks, visit their page.

While Netpicks has helped people choose stocks to invest in, the company also provides great insight into picking more complicated investments as well. They are able to provide a user with strategies on how to trade options and FOREX, each of which can provide a user with a great return on investment. Learn more from NetPicks here.    The Netpicks team is led by a group of investment professionals that have decades of experience and have a proven ability to consistently provide sound advice to traders and investors.   For more advice from the team, click this link.

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