What do clients think about Securus technologies?

If you follow prison news, you have probably come across the name Securus Technologies. They are a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, and preventing crimes.


Its headquarters are in Dallas Texas; it serves more than 3450 correction facilities, and federal law enforcement centers and over 1.2M inmates in North America. The company is dedicated to help and connect by providing incident management, investigation, emergency response, public information, inmate self-services, biometric analysis, data management, communication, and monitoring services and products to make the world a safer place. The company focuses on offering what matters.


In this article, there are comments from email communications and formal letters that jail officials and prisons in the US send. The comments come from individuals who are given the responsibility of solving and preventing crimes as well as making correction centers safe and better. According to Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, they develop a new service and products on a weekly basis if possible that helps correction and enforcement officials prevent and solve crimes. Below are some of the comments about the services.


According to one correction facility, they were impressed with Securus’s vision. Their current development and assessment of emerging issues will further help with investigations and improve the service’s security. They said that the growth of investigative tools and the future provided get along with their aggressive mindset.


One official applauded the LBS software by Securus. He stated that the use of the software together with other resources has helped the sheriff department recover millions of illegal drugs, assets, and money. Without the software, their work of recovering those items would have been very tough.


In conclusion, another comment said that investigative tools allow officials to conduct investigations efficiently when there is a potential threat or complaint in the correction facility.



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