Why Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes the Internet of Things is the Future

Often times when human beings think about the future we envision it as something that belongs in a George Lucas film or a Marvel movie about superheroes. Popular visions of the future often revolve around the possibility of space travel between planets and solar systems, the discovery of hostile or amenable intelligent life forms and the existence of habitable planets where human beings can build new thriving civilizations. People are often enamored with spacecraft that can break the known laws of physics and fly through the darkness of space at the speed of light like the popular spaceship The Enterprise from The Star Trek series These visions of the future are important in their own right because they allow human beings to engage their imaginations and be motivated to pursue scientific discovery. But they might also cloud our visions of the possibilities that exist to create a future right here on planet earth. One thing that is known is that the pace of technological development is faster than it has ever been and that it is yielding advancements that can make our lives more efficient and much more distinct from the lives of our ancestors.

One such technological development is the Internet of Things. Most people know that their desktop computer at work or the Macbook that they use to watch Netflix has the ability to connect to the internet. How else would they be able to watch the new season of House of Cards? But what many people are not aware of is the fact that their refrigerator, microwave or heart pacer might also have the ability to connect to the internet.

The internet that most people know is one in which millions of computers are online and connected. The Internet of Things is an internet where 18 wheeler trucks, the ID chip implanted in your dog’s belly and your watch are all online and possibly communicating with one another and other devices. Entrepreneur Jason Hope often speaks about the Internet of Things and the possibilities that it holds. In an interview he noted that he was hopeful about possibilities that the Internet of Things could open up with regard to medical advancements.


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