Chris Burch on How To Bring Your A-Game In Entrepreneurship

In an ever dynamic world, it is always shrewd for one to always pay attention to the trends and adapt, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Always being smart enough to study the fast shifting crazes and coming up with better solutions of conducting business and satisfying the clientele is what keeps the biggest corporations afloat and profitable.

Chris Burch, a smart investor, Founder of Burch Creative Capital and needless to add, a business acumen, has always insisted on his steps of making intelligent and lasting entrepreneurial moves. His success story began when he still an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Mr. Burch and his brother started small with their Eagle Eyes Apparel business which was later sold to Swire Group for millions of dollars.  More to read on

Since their impressive breakthrough that begun in 1976, Chris has been working tirelessly and in turn, gained a lot of experience. Thankfully, he is always sharing his ideas and decades of acquired wisdom with the younger generation of entrepreneurs on a regular basis.  Check for related article.

Over the years, his investment portfolio has increased vastly. He has also been in business long enough to know the importance of eliminating middle men and working directly with customers. And if his vast investment portfolio is anything to go by, then it stands to reason that it would be wise for anyone who is interested in making it big in the business world should take whatever he has to say with a pinch of salt. Have a look at Burch’s vast investment portfolio, click this.

The first thing that Chris always insists on is teamwork because, well, two heads have always been better than one. People conjure different ideas basing on their obvious different point of views, meaning that if put together in a room when brainstorming, the outcome is almost always ingenious.  Additional article to read on

He also goes further to insist that taking notes should be second to nature if an entrepreneur wants to succeed. The latter is so because creativity is spontaneous and has to be jotted down lest one forgets. It is therefore shrewd for any entrepreneur to always carry a pen and notepad everywhere they go, especially when brainstorming or producing. To read more point of views from Burch,  click

Finally, Chris Burch also insists that smart entrepreneurs always set time aside for brainstorming on a regular basis. Those who are willing to make it a habit will most certainly have the chance to thrive even more. And this is because they will have a much better chance of developing the random ideas that cross their mind during their creative time.

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