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Chris Burch is known for building a resort that is located on a remote island in Indonesia. It is on the Nihi Sumba Island. For two years in a row, this luxury resort has been voted as the best hotel in the world. This has been awarded by Travel + Leisure.  Related article on

Chris Burch has founded or cofounded several well-known international retail brands earlier. These include C. Wonder as well as Tory Burch. He has invested in several other brands besides these.

This beach hostel was bought by Chris Burch along with James McBride, an hotelier, in 2012. They spent $30 million to renovate it. They opened it in 2015 as a premier five-star resort. Check here for additional reading

Chris Burch clearly believes that creativity, as well as productivity, move together. This means that time should be spent in envisioning ideas. Just rushing all the time to meet goals tends to stifle creativity in a person. Hence the need is to combine these two components in order to grow a business.  For more of his views, check on

This would require allocating of brainstorming time. Besides, there is no need to spend too much time in doing just one task. The same applied to the brainstorming sessions too. This means that thinking should not prevent acting. Thus a brainstorming session should last for a specific period. This must be followed by the next stage of development.

Creativity is not about the exchange of ideas with others only. This is an important part of the process. But these ideas need to be noted down on a piece of paper. These notes will turn into design plans later on.

Creative ideas can also come when people are busy in producing. At this time, they may not be able to share these ideas with others. This may be because individuals may be busy in meeting deadlines. Hence people should write down any creative ideas which come into their minds as they work. Or else, they can put these in a tool in which they can speak into. This way they can record all their creative ideas. This way they do not have to miss their goals as these ideas will not be stifling their daily work.  More to read on

This would require budgeting of time to creativity as well as productivity. There has to be a balance to be maintained here. There are many ways to bring creativity into productive plans that fit in the time allocated for brainstorming as well as creativity.  Head over to for added article

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