The devotion of the Orange Coast College rowing team awarded with several national titles

Orange Coast College (OCC), a community college based in the Orange County of the United States, was established in 1947. The institution offers two-year associate degrees in science and art, certificates of achievement, as well as lower division classes that are transferable to other universities and colleges.

Orange Coast College has exceptional facilities and top-notch technology. It offers approximately 135 career programs, including one of the most applauded public nautical programs. The college is among the top transfer institutions in the state. OCC has competitive sports teams, active clubs, and a well-involved associated student body.

Rowing is one of the best sports at Orange Coast College. Though it is a purely amateur sport, it is considered as a ballet of unity, grace, and power. The team is dedicated to rowing and wakes up as early as 6:30 to train.

The team of nine rows the boat at approximately 25 miles per hour. Rowers devote approximately 20 hours each week to training. It is not a walk in the park as the enthusiastic rowers attain blisters that turn to calluses but still, stick to the sport.

The great passion towards the sport is evident in all the members of the team including the team’s captain, Daniel Amado. He went to Los Alamitos High School before joining Orange Coast College. He was rowing in high school but broke a disk in his back, thus he quit the sport until this year.

He could not wait to get back to the sport he cherishes. According to Amado, rowing equips one with mental and physical skills that make you resilient enough to bounce back and to overcome anything.

Orange Coast College has attained 11 national titles in rowing. Some of the students have competed in world championships as well as the Olympics. Amusingly, most of the students in the rowing team had never practiced the sport before joining the college, yet they become the best. The friendship and discipline attained in rowing have made most of the graduates from OCC successful people.

In the main event, the race covers 2000 meters within a span of six minutes. This demands absolute teamwork, and every rower can admit that there is greater satisfaction and joy when you win as a team.


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