A Look at the Future Tech Fashion Trends

The fashion and technological industries have seen a number of changes in the past years and the one thing that is left is for both of them to grow together. When the past is compared to the present, in the 70’s, the boom box was considered fashionable and great but over the years more inventions were made. In the 90’s people went for the Walkman and a decade later the iPod became the in thing as technology usually grows with what you consider fashionable. Presently, the synthesis of fashion and technology is taking shape as fashion designers are attempting to create what they believe will deliver using technology. This will bring higher standards in functionality and innovation. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, likens technology to a playground where the more you go in deeper the more you experience endless possibilities.

Looking at the Future

There are fashions that have advanced with the use of technology to offer protection to us. As much as it is not fashionable to wear some bike protection, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created a system that you can wear round your neck as a cyclists’ airbag to protect the head in case of a crash. The cyclist’s airbag does not hinder visibility at all when it is not opened. There are frontline gloves by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan that could be useful to firefighters as they relay important information through uncomplicated hand gestures.

Fashion and Technology working together

Technology at times needs some assistance to get popular from the fashion industry. Advancements in technology need the assistance from the fashion world. Fashion shows help in displaying the latest trends and styles for easy acceptance. Technology and fashion work together and the future of fashion will lead the one for technology.  For the latest cool offering of Burch in the market, click

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