Mr. Gregory Aziz Top Roles at National Steel Car Limited

Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer and chair at National Steel Car, a renowned company based in Hamilton Ontario. Greg Aziz was born in 1949 in London and attended Ridley College. Later he enrolled at the Western Ontario University where he pursued Economics.

National Steel Car was first established in 1912 and specializes in freight car manufacturing. Classified as a railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company, National Steel Car, has consistently maintained a high quality of its products through thorough research. Enormous success recorded at the company results from over a century of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Additionally, National Steel Car works with a team of strong and experienced employees. The company also enjoys spontaneous innovations and inventions in its routine operations. As a result, the company now enjoys diversity and good manufacturing culture. Both the volume of production and quality are consistently improving owing to the rising technological trends in internal and external environments.

Greg Aziz is overly committed to elevating the scope of service at National Steel Car. Through his managerial skills, Greg has been able to realize efficiency and a sense of responsibility in running this great company. His focus on quality and purpose have collectively helped in attaining the expected performance rates primarily in North America. In view of this, the company has settled to enhance customer loyalty and provision of customized services. The good relationship created with customers and other stakeholders have sustained customer trust in the potential of the company.

Mr. Gregory Aziz believes in success. For this reason, he has adopted a range of strategies in realizing the company’s goals. With a large number of workers, the company has fostered a culture of integrity purposely to manage this large numbers. The company aims to become a market leader in service delivery to the customers through its exceptional focus on excellence. Greg Aziz has equally cultivated constructive traditions in the company with the aim of succeeding.

Greg Aziz embarked in running wholesale food business managed by his family in 1971. Eventually, this family business expanded in its niche and scale of operations across Europe, Central America, Eastern Canada, and South America, particularly in the supply of fresh food.

James Aziz is one the competent people who have directly contributed to success at National Steel Car Limited. In 1994, Gregory Aziz organized the acquisition of National Steel Car with the primary goal of steering North American industry,



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