Nathaniel Ru Of The Disruptive Brand, Sweetgreen

For entrepreneurs to survive in an ever-so-competitive business world, they need to innovate solutions and disruptive brands. It’s against this backdrop that Nathaniel Ru and his friends have come up with a disruptive brand in the hotel industry.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends came up with an idea of creating a restaurant that would serve customers healthy and organic portions while maintaining fun and easiness.

This idea was born during their campus day when they had a hard time finding green spaces that were welcoming, healthy and at the same time enjoyable to hang around.

During their senior year at Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru alongside his friends approached the owner of an old tavern a few blocks down the street of their residence.

The entrepreneurs had a rough time convincing the landlady to give up the retail space to them, but eventually, she agreed after noticing how determined the trio was. She told them to go and come back with a comprehensive business plan and financial backers before she could let them into space.

From humble beginnings, Nathaniel Ru and company have managed to grow Sweetgreen from a small green restaurant into a 21-store retail chain. For the six years that Sweetgreen has been operating, it has recorded a lot of growth while maintaining its home-style roots.

The enterprise never intended to run like an average retail brand. It needed to stick out for it to survive and attract a broader clientele.

Drawing inspiration from disruptive brands such Apple, Nathaniel Ru and his partners have put in place unique management strategies that keep steering the retail chain to greater heights. Sweetgreen is built on certain principles which are quality foods that are organic. This principle has birthed one of the most promising enterprises in the internet age.

To advance the principle of green and organic, Sweetgreen has employed the farm-to-table philosophy irrespective of where the firm sets shop.

This philosophy is then tied to wholesome approach to the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Some of Sweetgreen’s branches are home to yoga sessions and weekend music sessions.

Sweetgreen has also leveraged the power of the internet and the popularity of mobile apps to achieve a digital interaction and payment platform for its customers.

Clients who pay for services through the mobile applications get a chance to make donations to local schools. This nobility further deepens the Sweetgreen to customer relationship because both get involved in the welfare of the communities around them.

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