The 5-Star Nihi Sumba Island Of Chris Burch

It was in 2012 that Chris Burch had bought a lesser-known surf resort. This was located on a remote island of Indonesia, called Sumba. He spent three years to develop this property and spent $30 million to do so.

Now the five-star Nihi Resort has opened. This was under the able guidance of legendary hotelier James McBride. Within a year of its opening, it is on the top position in the prestigious list of Travel & Leisure’s Best 100 Hotels Of the world.  Learn more about this impressive resort hotel on

This ranking is based on the voting by the readers of this publication. It has won several awards from other publications. These include Condé Nast Traveler as well as the Telegraph.

He is behind the successful fashion label of his ex-wife too. In addition, Chris Burch is the founder of C. Wonder. It sells apparel along with home decor items on QVC. The research team of Burch Creative Capital recommended the investing in Little Duck Organics besides other technology brands which include Powermat, and NextJump along with Jawbone. More about him on

Chris Burch had invested in the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires around 10 years back. This recent success of Nihi resort indicates that Chris Burch is now adding real estate along with hospitality to his list of investments.  For an update to his recent timeline activities, hit

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Nihiwatu resort had been a remote paradise for those surfers who had been looking for waves in the Indian Ocean that were 20 feet high. Its previous owners were Claude and Petra Graves. They had arrived on this island in 1988 via Berlin, New Jersey along with South Africa. They camped on this beach for many years before they built this resort on this small island. But their business dream was about to collapse due to the financial crisis in Asia besides the social welfare issues of the Sumbanese islanders.

Due to these challenges, they worked along with a technology entrepreneur and tribal elders in order to develop a plan for the future of the island. This resulted in the formation of the Sumba Foundation in 2001. This organization relies on donations from visitors as well as corporates in order to support any kind of humanitarian aid efforts. The volunteers work in order to provide drinking water, reducing malaria and offering educational as well as economic support to the local communities.

Once Chris Burch came to know that the Graves wanted to expand their resort and were looking for investors, he acquired this resort.   Additional article on

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