Paul Mamphillys career on expert advice in the stock market

Located in Durham, North Carolina, USA, Paul Mamphilly has vast experience of over 25 years in investment and finance practice. Being an MBA graduate, he worked as an account administrator at the Bankers Trust Company. Paul Mamphilly quickly rose through the ranks to be the head of the hedge fund in Kinetics, an organization that deals with asset management. During the tenure of Paul Mamphilly, the organization accumulated over $25 Billion in assets which led to Paul being named as ‘Worlds best’ hedge funds by Barron with average returns hitting 26%.

Paull Mamphilly participated in the Templeton foundation after being called upon in an investment competition. In a single year, Paul grew the investment to $88 million with an initial investment of $50 million. Astonishingly, Paul achieved this during the 2008-2009 financial crisis with shorting stocks. The investment growth showed prowess that Paul has in finance.

Being a former manager of the hedge fund, Paul worked and improved his skills in the finance sector by working for clients like ING, Kinetics international and Deutsche Bank.

Pual is a firm believer in giving back to the community. He gave back often as a food distributor and a teacher. Paul Mamphilly decided to shift focus from Wall Street after realizing that he was not helping enough people. He, therefore, signed to Banyan Hill Publishing to start Profits Unlimited. Banyan Hill is an independent research company which publishes newsletters about investments and advice papers. His main purpose was to guide and counsel ordinary Americans on how to explore and start profitable business opportunities.

On a monthly basis, Paul Mamphilly releases an eight-page newsletter where he makes recommendations of new stock and emails out to subscribers. In the model portfolio, Paul makes weekly updates on several stocks and follows up on how the investments are doing on his website.

Paul’s subscribers buy stocks via their brokerage accounts. This is a better alternative compared to the traditional follow up on the progress of the client by the advisor. Subscribers can confirm progress directly via his website.

Out of the 13 stocks that are in his portfolio, 11 of them have made profits for the investors with the portfolios that are down being low by only 2.5%. Generally, the average stock selection is over 14.5% since the start of his newsletter.

Currently, his open portfolios stocks are as high as 18%, 21% 31% and 38% respectively. Paul has received numerous positive reviews from subscribers who have made profits.

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