Daniel Taubs Golden Era

Being an ambassador is a career only few can pursue. This is because of the condition that it comes with that can’t be avoided.

The greatest one is moving to live in a foreign land. Here you need to have the willingness to adjust to the changes. Daniel Taub is among the loyal individuals who have had what it takes to accomplish the mission.

Daniel Taub has been the Israel ambassador to London since 2011.As he resigns, he has a flashback of what his goal was in undertaking the job. Daniel Taub, remembers that the queen enquired what he felt on representing a country he had hardly stayed for 30 years. She knew that committing to that duty means he had to give away his British citizenship. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub responded by saying that he saw it as a chance to give back to the two countries. The only thing he could do was bring the two states closer together. He also told the queen that it was a privilege to raise his children in their historical country.

He says that the cooperation between the two countries simplified his work. Contrary to the imagination that what he does is being between a tug of war, he says it’s a good feeling.

The reign of Daniel Taub was very successful. On his farewell, he was proud of having achieved his objective. He had succeeded in bonding the two countries and creating a diplomatic relationship. It was visible from the education, culture and lifestyle exchange of the two countries.

Economically, his era is described as the golden era. This is because the bilateral trade between the two countries is more than $7 million annually. To add on that Israel has set up 300 businesses in Britain. This means added revenue for both countries. To Britain, it also implies employment to the citizens, a variety of products and more competition hence quality.

Daniel Taub says that Israel respects and honors Britain. This is because it is among the leading states economically. Daniel Taub says it’s been an honor to have been part of the talks that resolved the issues of the two countries.

Daniel Taub has been the most excellent ambassador that ever lived. For the four years, he had the post; he did a great job. Everyone is sad to see him leave. The successor of his position is yet to be known.The people can only hope to have an equally competent ambassador.


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