What Chris Burch’s Role In American Express’s New Markets Is

Christopher Burch, otherwise known as simply Chris Burch made a surprising announcement this last month when he made it official that he was no longer a customer of American Express and now used the J.P. Morgan Chase Sapphire card. One reason Burch had decided to do this is that the credit cards simply didn’t have the perks with fancy dining and hotels that J.P. Morgan’s card offered. But what American Express is looking to do is turn the impression that they’re just simply another big money credit card corporation, and instead show that their services can accommodate both millennial customers and also cater to big businesses like Burch’s. They may do well to hear from Burch himself how they can renovate the business as Burch has worked with brands that also reach millennial consumers. for his latest cool offering to the market, check on

Chris Burch has continually infected the business world with ideas on building successful companies and creating brands that have their own identity and create a unique sales experience that few others can match. He’s brought his ideas across all industries, but fashion, lifestyle and real estate have been at the top. He began back in the 1970s when he and his brother began buying sweaters and reselling them at a profit with their own logos, and soon their small business became a major retail company known as Eagle Eye. After running this company successfully for more than 20 years, Burch sold it and started investing in multiple startups. Today his main company is Burch Creative Capital which provides not only funding but also a lot of advice for business people to get their companies off the ground.  For more of his business on business related matters, click on

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Burch seized on the opportunity to invest in a venture capital group focused on e-commerce business-to-business operations then known as Internet Capital Group and now known as Actua Corporation. He also helped launch a unique fashion line known as Tory Burch in 2004, and later on talk show host Ellen Degeneres also received his support to start the ED brand.  Around this same time, Burch began looking into real estate and luxury resort projects, and one of his first major investments there was the Buenos Aires Faena Hotel+Universe. But his biggest vacation property is Nihiwatu in the Indonesian island of Sumba which he bought in 2013. Check this link on for additional reading about his resort in Indonesia.   One of his homes is also close by and is valued in the millions of dollars. For contact details, hop over to

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