A New Dawn for AmEx

AmEx, one of the biggest card companies in the US, recently bid its long-serving chairman(Kenneth Chenault) and welcomed a brand new chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Squeri. Mr. Squeri is very enthusiastic and is positive that he will take the company to the next level despite the many challenges it has been facing lately. Among his major tasks as he takes over the office is regaining Chris Burch among many other loyal customers that have since drifted away due to one reason or the other.

Stephen Squeri also has to come up with ways to gain a competitive edge which has proved to be a challenge to AmEx considering the stiff competition that the company has been struggling to tackle. Competition has risen from banks and other card companies such as PayPal Holdings Inc. Investors have had a reason to raise the alarm over how the firm has been handling competition over the years. All eyes are therefore on the new chairman to see if he makes some changes to beat the competition which is now threatening the survival of the company.

One of the top priorities of Mr. Squeri is to regain its most reliable clients. This includes Mr. Burch whose line of business makes use of the cards that AmEx supplies. The renowned entrepreneur owns hospitality enterprises, technological outlets, and retail investments. Mr. Burch has been disappointed at the company for various reasons and has since ceased doing business with them. The impacts of the decision have been greatly felt by the company. Getting him back at the table would propel AmEx a great deal.

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