Chris Burch Created Nihiwatu to Cater to Everyone

In the hospitality industry, it is almost unheard of to have a hotel that works well for people who are rich and for people who have to live on a budget. Chris Burch knew that was something he would have to do to help people and knew he needed to make all the right choices if he wanted a chance to bring attention to the problems in the industry. Nihiwatu was his chance to do this. He had always wanted people to realize he had worked hard for luxury and they could do the same thing, too. For Chris Burch, this meant he needed to keep pushing forward and making sure people had the luxury options they needed. A must-read article here.

Depending on the things that people wanted to do while they are at Nihiwatu, Chris gave them options. They had so many different things they could choose from that it was an enjoyable experience. In addition to the options Chris Burch gave to people, they wouldn’t have to worry about the high cost of having a fun vacation. Things seemed like they were going to be expensive because he made the hotel luxurious, but they were not as expensive as what some other hotels were. More to read on

For Chris Burch, putting things together meant he would need to give people the options they needed to be successful. In addition, Chris Burch wanted to show people they could get more from the hotel. Nihiwatu was voted the top hotel in the world and for good reason. It has something that no other hotels have. It is luxury living at its finest but is also a hotel that is affordable for people no matter what their budget. In a culture that is dominated by millennials, Chris Burch recognizes how important it is to help them with these types of properties.  To read an additional article, click on

Bringing attention to the issues in the hospitality industry has given Chris Burch the motivation he needs to do his best with the industry. There have been some things he can do that others are unable to do. Since he is so influential in the industry, he can save money on different things. The ideas he has for success have led to him making decisions like Nihiwatu. When he created the hotel, he knew it would be among the best and it would be something people could enjoy no matter what they wanted out of the luxury hospitality experience.  Check his views on matters around his area of focus, hit on

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