Top Politicians Targeted By End Citizens United In 2018

The voices shouting angrily about the level of political influence held by the billionaire donor class have been growing across the U.S. as the tide appears to be turning against big money in American elections. Despite only being formed in Washington D.C. in 2015, End Citizens United has quickly grown into the top political action committee fighting against the rising tide of big money in politics and particularly in the fight to repeal and replace the Citizens United decision of 2010.

As 2017 comes to its close and politicians return to their homes for the December Holidays, End Citizens United has made the festive season uncomfortable for some with the publication of its “big Money 20”; the list features the top 20 political targets End Citizens United will be looking to displace from Congress during the 2018 midterm elections. Although it is usual for political groups to name their targets for elections the list from End Citizens United has become well-known because it names the 20 Republican politicians the PAC believes have placed the interests of their wealthy donors above the needs of the nation.

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Recent reports from End Citizens United explain the group has swelled its membership to more than three million and hopes to break its own fundraising record by the time the 2018 midterm elections arrive. Across the course of 2017, End Citizens United has been continuing its fundraising efforts in a bid to make sure the PAC is ready to fight the ongoing onslaught of conservative policies being put into law across the U.S. The last reported quarter from End Citizens United shows the group has already raised around $7.5 million from donors allowed to donate less than $5,0000 to the PAC and remains on course for an election war chest of $35 million by the time of the 2018 midterms.

The “Big Money 20” is one of the most important documents released by End Citizens United as it features two of the top Republicans in the U.S., Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan. Political commentators have explained neither Cruz or Ryan expect to lose their positions as Senator and House Speaker respectively but could face a closer than usual election after the work of End Citizens United has been completed. End Citizens United President, Tiffany Muller has reported her PAC is now better prepared than during the 2016 election cycle when trials of different messages to voters provided varying levels of success.

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