George Soros Sees Trouble With Smearing Against Philanthropy

George Soros is perhaps the most generous billionaire of our time. In a vein similar to Carnegie and Rockefeller, he has spent much of his fortune trying to help causes around the world that he feels are needed in order to build a more connected society. However, his efforts to bring forth a more open society have led to demonization by those who oppose him. He has been accused of funding Black Lives Matter and other social movements in an effort to harm others. These attacks on philanthropy disturb him and there is certainly the potential for them to have much worse consequences for us as a whole.

The recent turn of politics has given the right power again and they’re using this opportunity to go after Soros. These attacks on Soros don’t often use overtly antisemitic terms, but they speak to very ancient and familiar hostilities. The accusation that a wealthy Jewish capitalist has plans to destroy Western civilization are as old as the hills and have come up across many occasions. These attacks fail to show any understanding of what George Soros is and what he has done. He has done nothing but push for capitalism and democracy across the world even when he stands to receive no benefit to himself. Those who seek to undue traditional hierarchy are often accused of similar things. The concept that a billionaire would use his wealth to help other people and to advance the world as a whole seems to be unfamiliar to them.

The honest truth about George Soros is that he is one of the most prominent advocates of progress across the world. From his native homeland of Hungary to South Africa, he’s done everything he can to help change the world around him. His efforts to improve things generally align with reasonable goals of philanthropy. Most people agree that giving people a chance to engage in capitalism is a positive and even critics of Soros would have to agree with this. The strange hostility that Glenn Beck and others on the right is more than misplaced. It is intentionally denying an obvious reality about the world around us. George Soros is the polar opposite of just about everything he is routinely accused of.

His recent effort to contribute $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation is a move that will likely bring great controversy and attract hostility from the right. Despite that he believes now is the perfect time to get into politics again. Although Trump did carry the 2016 victory and he’s made a name for himself there is certainly a need to stand up to him and give America and the world the protection it needs to survive. Nobody seems to be as interested in doing this as he is and nobody seems to have put in as much money towards it. Open societies are the reason much of the world around us is the way it is today. People need a chance to define their lives and this is how it happens.

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