Stream Energy: A Competitive Energy Corporation

Stream Energy keeps on expanding their services to other states, and just recently, they added Delaware in their list of states being provided by their energy. Stream Energy is a company which offers different services that are related to connectivity and energy. They are currently offering wireless connectivity services, protective home services, and their newest service, called energy services. The move to include Delaware on their list of serviced states is the second expansion of Stream Energy this year, as they have added Illinois earlier this year as one of the states that they serve. With the addition of Delaware and Illinois, the company is now serving eight states, including Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. They are also serving the capital, providing energy needs for Washington D.C. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

Larry Mondry, the president and chief executive officer of Stream Energy, stated that they have to complete several forms and process their application arduously for months just to secure the rights to provide their services in Delaware. After the license has been granted to Stream Energy, they immediately set up their operations and offer their products and services to the people of Delaware, hoping that the people will be interested in what they have in store for them. Larry Mondry also added that Stream Energy is the only energy company in the United States offering their energy services in a six months plan, with fixed rates, and the pricing is low and competitive. The company is hoping that they will be allowed to do business in other states so that everyone in the United States can have a taste of well-priced energy.


Stream Energy was established in 2005, and the company is based in Dallas, Texas. The company is known for revolutionizing the energy sector, receiving billions in revenue for their first years of operation. The company grew to become the largest direct seller of energy in the United States, and they are also showcasing their competitiveness in the international energy and power market. Stream Energy continues to excel in the energy industry, and their products and services are starting to become in demand. View the Company reviews at

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