A Health Plan That Grows With You

As with each and every one of us in the world today, Troy McQuagge started his life from humble beginnings. However, it would not take him long to achieve great financial success. Perhaps the first step towards his incredible success began with his decision to pursue a bachelors of arts in legal studies at the University of Florida in 1983. Little did he know what an impact this would have on his life. Learn more at Slide Share.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Troy McQuagge wasted no time beginning his career as an insurance salesman. His first job out of school was an insurance salesman for Allstate. He continued working there for many years. Then in 1995 he left Allstate and joined the team at HealthMarket. It did not take him long to quickly advance from a salesman to president. By 1997 he was officially awarded the title of President of HealthMarket. As with Allstate, Troy McQuagge remained with HealthMarket for many years. Once again in 2008 he found himself leaving a familiar environment. By 2010 Troy McQuagge was announced as the President and CEO of USAHealth Advisors. In this position he surpassed numerous sales records.

Due to his great efforts, Troy McQuagge was presented with the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awards in January of 2017. Upon receiving the award Mr. McQuagge was to acknowledge that his success was not simply his alone, but was the result of the combined efforts of the many individuals on his team at USHealth. Furthermore, Troy McQuagge restated that the goal of the company was to continue to come up with innovative health plans that grew an individual and his or her family. That is to say, that those individuals at USHealth dedicated to creating health insurance plans that fit the needs of the consumer throughout the consumer’s lifetime. This will prove to be greatly beneficial to the consumer and company alike.

In conclusion, President and CEO Troy McQuagge has created a health insurance company that is innovative and unique with respect to the insurance plans offered. His hard work through out his over thirty year career in insurance sales has greatly contributed to his understanding as to what the consumer needs. This has allowed him to completely reconstruct USHealth Advisors and its numerous subsidized divisions. Eventually, at the beginning of this year, Mr. McQuagge was awarded for all of his hard work and dedication throughout the years.

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