Who Runs Securus Technologies?

The current Chairman and CEO of Securus is Rick Smith. Rick Smith’s been with the company for many years and is a valued executive. Thanks to his brilliant business strategies, Rick Smith Securus is one of the strongest investments a community can make when it comes to public safety.

Securus is one of the more modern public safety companies that includes lifting inmates as part of their strategy to make communities safer. For too long, inmates were treated horribly while serving their sentence, which makes them feel undervalued and more likely to return to a life of crime after being released. Read more on

As Securus’ desire to change the prison system increased, so did its need for more innovation. One of the most innovative companies in the industry, JPay caught Securus’ interests after JPay introduced electronic payments, emails, and apps to the corrections space. From that point, Smith began waiting for the opportune time to bring JPay into the family.

Currently, JPay operates in over 30 states. Their success continued to grow until their resources slowed, and they could no longer produce innovative products like they used to. That’s when Securus offered to acquire the company, figuring there’d be no better time.

As the acquisition’s taken effect, both companies are excited to see what the future holds. In Smith’s opinion, there’s nothing the companies can’t accomplish together. He hopes that every product developed from now on will be the best high-quality product possible. He’s even betting that it’ll cost less than the competition.

As for the JPay viewpoint on the acquisition, they’re excited about it as well. Ryan Shapiro, CEO of JPay, was more than happy to join the Securus family. With a large corporation like Securus behind his company, he and his team can create the groundbreaking products they’ve been waiting to make.

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Every groundbreaking product JPay hopes to create will go toward making prisoners safer for everyone living or working there. The major problem with the current prison system is a lack of willingness to turn inmates into valuable members of society. JPay wants to ensure that every inmate can assimilate into society upon their release.

JPay’s commitment to helping inmate better their lives is one of the major reasons Securus allows Shapiro to run his company the way he’s been doing it the entire time. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.


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