Chris Burch: Creating Paradise At Home

Today the geographical spotlight shifted to turquoise waters verdant palm frowns of the island paradise previously known as Nihiwatu. Now, Nihi Sumba Island, located in Indonesia, it was recently named by ‘Travel + Leisure’ as the single greatest hotel resort in the world for the second time since 2016.   Check for more about this great hotel resort.

Nihi Sumba Island came to be what it is today through the vision and enigmatic brilliance of entrepreneur Chris Birch, widely known for his success in the retail industry. James McBride joined forces with Chris Burch in 2012 following the purchase of an beach hotel on Sumba. Burch and his partner spent millions restoring the former hotel before re-introducing it to the world as a bold and magnificent resort three years later. There, one will find two-story tree houses with infinity pools and connected by bamboo bridges. Guests can spend there days surfing some of the most magnificent waves on the planet during the morning and taking a horseback ride as the sun sets. Guides take visitors deep into the jungle past rice fields, where beautiful waterfalls lay in wait. There is plenty of Yoga options too. The expanse of the resort features breathtaking local Sumbanese antiques, Ikat prints, and wood unique to the region. It should be additionally noted that Burch has ensured that a large portion of the profits earned by the resort are to be gifted to the Sumba Organization, which serves to assist and embolden the local community, who Burch and his visionary collaborators are more than grateful for.

Chris Burch, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital has spent much of his life pursuing the fruits of industry in addition to always giving back to a world he feels nothing but gratitude for. Burch first showed signs of his entrepreneurial spirit when he started an apparel company in upstate New York alongside his brother. This company would eventually end up sold for no little then 160 million.  Related article on

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One thing Burch appears to have understood from an early point was how to apply innovative conceit, turning intellectual observation into action. He has bounced between real-estate, luxury homes, and apparel.  For an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, click on this.   He has worked with everyone from Ellen Degeneres to world famous architects and hoteliers. Furthermore, he is an active philanthropist. His work with The Child Welfare League of China, The Sumba Foundation, and with research at Mt. Sinai Hospital shows a man who cares equally about giving as gaining.

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