NetPicks trains traders on how to make money from choppy summer trading

Investors on Wall Street have in the past been accused of coming on as arrogant individuals especially the technology sector investors. However, this has dramatically changed over the past few weeks particularly after the recent technology sector selloff which was reported to have caused a stir among the technology sector investors, something we have not experienced in the recent past.

According to an article published on Marketwatch just the other day, this trend presents an opportunity for individuals who have a good understanding on how choppy summer trading works to deploy the right strategies and make some money, especially during the summer season.

One of the most popular strategies that has proved effective in choppy summer trading is what is commonly referred to as the proactive “Lock and Walk” strategy which in essence entails buying near support and selling near resistance. The strategy also recommends stopping if support breaks.

A note on NetPicks Trading Strategies

Founded in 1996, NetPicks Trading Strategies is a trading education company whose main objective is to help ordinary people and investors, budding and experienced alike increase their wealth by providing them with the most relevant and applicable trading information.

Even before the introduction of online trading and day trading, NetPicks Trading Strategies has been in the frontlines in training traders on the best strategies to adopt in order to maximize their returns on investment on the different investment choices available including but not limited to stocks, forex, options, and even futures et cetera. NetPicks also trains their clients on exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in day trading and swing trading.   Read this article about socially responsible investment, hit on

At their headquarters in the city of Irving in the state of Texas, NetPicks Trading Strategies staff is headed by one Mr. Mark Soberman. Mr. Soberman has been in the trading industry for more than a quarter a century dedicating most of his adult life to learning the nitty-gritty details of the trading environment. The same case applies to all of his team members who are formally trained traders with several years’ experience. For updates on their recent timeline activities, check on this.

The team is passionate about what they do and are ever ready to help you attain your trading goals.  To access their tutorial blogs, click this useful link.

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