Serial Entrepreneur Chris Burch Creates Best Hotel In the World

Wondering which hotel in the world is the best? The one that Chris Burch created on a small island near Indonesia definitely fits the bill. In fact, Travel + Leisure voted that it was the best hotel in 2016. That will come to no surprise to those who know Chris Burch. They are aware that he is an entrepreneur that will not tolerate mediocrity. He makes sure that he is the best in everything. That is why he spent a whopping thirty million dollars renovating the resort after he bought it off. He wanted it to be the best, and it became the best.

Another reason why the resort is the best is that it is situated in an area where there is so much nature. This gives the residents an atmosphere of privacy and serenity. You can do things there that you can not do anywhere else, like building a spa under a waterfall. For more about the resort, hop over to

The resort is called Nihiwatu. Chris Burch said that he built it for his children and in order to give back to the community. He divides his time between Miami, the Hamptons, and the Nihiwatu resort.  Related article on

Nihiwatu has twenty seven private villas. It also includes Chris Burch’s house. People can rent out nights at the other villas.

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur. He is also a successful investor with a track record of making smart investments. He has helped dozens of companies rise to greatness.  Better check this on his company’s website, hit

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Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital. He has a portfolio that is diverse and includes successful companies. He started being an entrepreneur when he was still a student in college. He invested two thousand dollars with his brother to start Eagle’s Eye Apparel. They eventually grew that business to one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars.  Know his latest cool offering to the market, hit

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