Securus Technologies’ promise of better security

Security is a very touchy area in a country- in every country. We need to know that we are protected from outsiders who might attack and from the few who might want to cause us harm from within. This is why the government come up with defense forces and correctional facilities. This makes us at ease, knowing that we are protected. Correctional facilities need to keep track of their inmates, communicate with them and also know their where about after they are released. For this reason, companies like Securus Technologies are dedicated to providing products that make the work of correctional facilities and other security sectors easier.

Securus Technologies is a company that provides communication technology to correctional facilities. They are serving approximately 2600 correctional facilities across the globe. In their product line, they have technology that allows: detainee tracking, parolee tracking, government information management, among others.

Securus Technologies are keen to remain at the forefront of security communication technology. With the technological evolution going on today, Securus Technologies are upping their game by introducing a new product to their product line. This new product, the video relay service (VRS), is aimed at making communication in correctional facilities equally accessed by all inmates. It allows for the receivers who use sign language as well to get the information relayed.

Apart from expanding their product range, Securus Technologies are also expanding their territory. They recently announced acquisition of GovPayNet. With a great product like GovPayNet under their wings and a new product on the shelf, I think Securus Technologies is set for a great year. I don’t mean more profits only; I mean more products, more man power and more creativity. They will be like a one stop security shop. All correctional facilities need to look no further for their security solutions.



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