Matt Badiali Believes Reading is Critical

Attending Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University, Matt Badiali received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees respectively. It was while pursuing another degree at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, that Mr. Badiali’s career path would change the ould help the average investor to flourish, and due to his extensive background in geology, he fitrajectory for good. He was approached by a friend who was seeking to create new strategies that wgured Mr. Badiali to be the perfect candidate. After learning the ins-and-outs of finance, he began working on a way to implement his knowledge of geology with his new skill, eventually deciding to focus on investments regarding energy, metals, and other natural resources. While perfecting his craft, he began utilizing a hands-on approach that was somewhat dissimilar to others working in the field. This style of investment research led him to different parts of the world, including Singapore, Haiti, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Papua New Guinea. In 2017, after spending a decade combing his knowledge of geology with his knowledge of investing, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, creating the advisory service and newsletter, Real Wealth Insider. In a recent Q & A session, Matt Badiali sat down to discuss a number of topics, ranging from his daily process to an economic trend that has him really excited.

Matt Badiali’s workday usually begins at 6:30 am, where he sees his daughters off to school, before heading to the office, which he arrives at around 8:00 am. He begins his day with research, heading to news outlets such as Bloomberg and The Weather Channel. He then begins writing on covering a wealth of topics, while paying particular attention to the companies that he has listed in the portfolio of Real Wealth Strategist. One of the habits that he strictly adheres to due to the profound effect that it has had on his career, is reading, citing it as a critical part of his writing process. The ideas and strategies that he intertwines usually result from the information that he’s read throughout the day. As a reader, he pays particular attention to the economic trends that he believes will affect the world in years to come, and one that has him excited is the introduction of electric cars. It is his belief that, over the next decade or so, the impact of electric cars will disrupt the oil and gas industries, eventually making this dated technology, virtually obsolete.




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