How Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua Introduced North America To Ganoderma Lucidem

Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman who now lives in Richmond, Canada. He has worked in the multi-level marketing industry for a few decades. He said he entered this industry after having worked at his family’s company which he found to be unpleasant as all of his older cousins and siblings ordered him around too often. The experience he gathered helped him develop business skills, though, which led to him being named an executive at Gano Excel.

When Chua first arrived at Gano Excel, based in the Philippines, it was a purely domestic company. Their claim to fame was that the teas they sold contained Ganoderma lucidum which has been used as by Koreans and Japanese people for years to stave off multiple diseases. He was able to increase this company’s foothold in other Asian markets and developed a network of independent contractors who sold this company’s products. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

When Gano Excel decided to expand into the United States, Bernardo Chua was chosen to lead this effort. He emigrated to Southern California and soon the Ganoderma lucidem-infused teas were being sold across the United States and Canada.

It was in 2008 that he decided to launch his own multi-level marketing firm. By this point he was living in Canada so he started Organo Gold with two others. Even though the company started out with a skeleton crew his deep experience with tea, multi-level marketing, and Ganoderma lucidem led to quick success. His company also offers premium coffees as well as two personal care products, a toothpaste and a soap bar, that all contain the ground up mushroom Ganoderma lucidem.

Over the past decade Bernardo Chua has successfully expanded the reach of his company and the number of independent contractors who sell his products. His company’s products are sold in many countries including those in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia. He says he enjoys being in the multi-level marketing industry because his success and the success of his company’s independent contractors means that they are all working towards the same goals which are to help customers and earn a good profit. Follow Bernardo Chua on Twitter.



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