Michael Hagele’s role in the Technology Industry

Michael Hagele is a lawyer who has specialized in providing counsel to technology industries. Some of the facilities that he serves include aerospace industries, defense industries, and biotechnology companies. He is known for joining technology industries in their formative years and growing with them until they become reputable companies. Michael is a law graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. In the past, Michael has worked in many industries that are in his field of study. He was once an in-house attorney. He has also been a general legal counselor for many venture capital firms. View Michael Hagele’s profile at LinkedIn

Michael Hagele has revealed that he has worked as an independent attorney as well as directly for companies. It is from these two experiences that he realized that is easier to deliver high-quality work when one has his firm. This prompted him to start his law firm.

Mr. Hagele is always a busy man, but he has a daily schedule that he usually adheres to at most times. Michael starts his days by reviewing the tasks ahead for the day. In the early hours of the day, he handles general matters, offers counsel to clients and solves intellectual property issues. Later in the day, Michael dwells in contract issues such as giving licenses to technology firms. Mr. Hagele spends his afternoons in recreational activities such as cycling. During cycling, Michael tries to formulate ideas on how to solve the issues that he encounters in his successful law career. Mr. Hagele then returns to the office feeling refreshed and ready to work. He spends the latter part of his day answering to walk in customers’ queries.

Michael reveals that the secret to his success is his fighting attitude in whatever situation that he finds himself in. He never gives up and he is ever striving to solve even the issues that are considered as impossible by most people. He believes that use of new information, assumption challenging, and iteration are tools that are effective in solving any problematic situation that arises.

Michael is excited by the capabilities of the new artificial intelligence technology. He is delighted at the number of improvements that this technology is capable of generating especially in the genetics field.

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