Chistopher Burch of Tory Burch, LLC, and his Award-Winning Luxury Travel Villa “Nihiwatu”

Once married to the legendary designer handbag creator Tory Burch, serial entrepreneur Christopher Burch has been involved in many different types of projects throughout his life so far. In grade school, he had a learning disability which forced him to approach the world from a unique perspective that most people did not. It actually allowed him to be more entrepreneurial, and as time has shown it was certainly beneficial. He started out his entrepreneurial Life by buying sweaters with his brother for $10 and selling them door-to-door for $15. As time went on, Tory Burch, LLC, was worth 3.5 billion dollars in 2012; Christopher sold about 13% of the company, or half of his stake, and has used some of the money to fund different entrepreneurial endeavors.

To date, Christopher has been involved with hotel ownership, various real estate endeavors, building a celebrity brand for the ever-popular Ellen DeGeneres, creating the famous bluetooth speaker device brand called Jawbone, the bottled water company named Voss, and even a luxury vacation center in Bali, Indonesia.

As far as his real estate endeavors go, he has been involved with real estate in Southampton, New York, he rented out a home in the West Village of New York City, he has a luxurious house grouping in Nantucket, and his most awarded real estate endeavor to date is his luxury villa in Bali, named “Nihiwatu” (

Nihiwatu was voted the best hotel in the entire world in 2016 by Travel + Leisure. Christopher and fellow entrepreneur James McBride spent millions of dollars renovating it over the course of three years after purchasing it from a New Jersey couple in 2012. The resort today it has 27 private villas, and each one has their own private plunge pool. Christopher has his own home on the island which is available for rent at a cost of $14,000 per night, named Raja Mendaka.  More on

The resort has an indoor / outdoor entertainment area, an infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, two tree houses which are split-level, and there are many activities to be had on the property as well. These activities range from viewing locally-sourced artifacts, local wildlife spotting, private spa treatments that are available in your room, daily yoga sessions, surfing excursions and lessons, trips to nearby waterfalls, horse riding, and more. Christopher plans to create more similar villas in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the coming years.

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