Real-Time Investing with Paul Mampilly

With close to three decades of experience, Paul Mampilly as an investor who has experienced his shares of vicissitudes, but with the gains outweighing the shorts. Among his notably big wins is hitting more than 600,000 subscribers in his financial newsletters, Profits Unlimited. The newsletter was incepted with the objective of providing guidance for utilization by main street Americans on profitable investment windows. In this project, Paul Mampilly strives to recommend the newest stock in the stocks market every month and updates the subscribers on ways to track the progress of those investments. Visit Paul Mampilly on Facebook for more updates.

The subscribers of his newsletters associate Paul with financial and market knowledge with some generating a whopping $45,190 by following his investment recommendations. The Indian born investor manages two more trading services namely; Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Paul has a proven record of accomplishment in personal finance and stock investment in addition to working with big international banks, including Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and the ING. Previously, in his career, he has been an analyst of FDA Trader as well as an author and editor at the Agora Financial. During his tenure at FDA Trader, the firm saw over $6 million worth of sales while still commanding the biotech investment industry.

Furthermore, Paul Mampilly has worked with the $6 million hedge fund, Kinetics International, as the principal manager of funds. During his time, the assets of the hedge fund rose to $25 billion, and an average profit of 26 percent annually was achieved. He was most notably able to generate approximately 76 percent returns in a competition organized by Templeton Foundation. Before his retirement, Paul Mampilly had made other drastic career strides such as the notable 239 percent gain experienced by Ariad Pharmaceuticals.

As a lover of books and financial research, Paul Mampilly is an avid writer for The Sovereign Investor Daily where he publishes columns weekly. While authoring for the Common Sense Publishing, Paul made recommendations on investments for four newsletters on special situations, low price in booking value stocks as well as dividend growth stocks. In the stocks market, it goes without saying that Paul Mampilly is a force to reckon with, especially when it comes to investments.

His immense interest and experience in stocks and their investment date back to his young age years while still in school. With his role in the stock market investing being centered on the clients, investors will leverage his guidance on investments for long enough. Paul Mampilly believes in researching adequately before making an investment move. More so, he is a proponent of being updated on current market trends.

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