A Review of EOS Proves That They Are Fun in Every Way

EOs has just released its long-awaited vegan lip balms. These crystal lip balms are completely vegan and do not contain any animal by-products since they have removed the beeswax form their recipe (  The company knew that there would be customers for their new product, but they had no idea that it would have such a following. These crystal lip balms sold out at a record pace, and EOS had to scramble to keep up with the demand.

EOS has been able to stay very competitive in a market that has been long dominated by huge lip care companies such as Chapstick and Blistex. EOS stands out, however, because they not only offer fun and exciting flavors but because of their signature orb-shaped capsule.

EOS lip care products have been designed to make it fun to use day-to-day products such as lip balm, and they appeal to all five senses. EOS offers fun flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit, and they also offer their lip balms in a tube for those who prefer the more traditional method of applying lip balms. Even celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, have caught on to the trend and have been spotted using the famous EOS orbs (

Thanks to EOS, “Original,” “Mint,” and “Cherry” are not the only options available when it comes to our lip balm choices. EOS not only offers sheer lip glosses but they have shimmer and barely tinted lip balms to add just a hint of glamor to your lips. EOS even has organic, medicated, visibly soft, active, and, of course, their newest addition, crystal lip balms. With fun flavors, easy to hold orb, great scents, and bright colors, you will want to try them all.  Check Amazon. They make a somewhat mundane routine pleasurable and something to look forward to.


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