Matt Badiali: Thoughts on Mining and Agriculture

Matt Badiali has extensive knowledge in several industries. Not only is he an expert in mining and agriculture, but he also has work experience in the energy industry. Over the past few years, technology has drastically changed multiple sectors of the economy.

The energy industry is expanding in several ways. Many customers want more access to alternative energy sources. Some people are even willing to pay more each month for clean energy. Solar power is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Read more about Matt Badiali at Freedom Checks.

College and Early Career

Matt Badiali attended college because he wanted to have a successful career. He had to work hard in college to pay his bills. While working towards a degree in business, he decided to start a company. Although the company would eventually fail, he learned valuable lessons from this experience.

Matt Badiali graduated from college and started working in the agriculture industry. The agriculture industry is dynamic and exciting. New technology is drastically changing how farmers harvest crops. Some people wrongly assume that the farming process is tedious. Modern farming methods improve production and help the environment.


Matt Badiali worked for a major oil company early in his career. Working for an oil company was a great experience. He learned how companies drill for oil on land and in water. He also saw numerous opportunities for the industry to improve. When the price of oil collapsed several years ago, he decided to leave the industry to focus on other projects.

Future Plans

Matt Badiali is currently working on a consulting project for the mining industry. The mining industry is critical in many nations. Some people protest how precious metals are mined in developing countries. Matt Badiali is working on a plan to make mining more sustainable. Not only will sustainable mining practices improve the environment, but working conditions will improve as well. View:


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