Making It Happen, The Role Model That Is Brian Torchin

Out in the north-east province of Pennsylvania, lives a man who is a genuine veteran of the health service industry. He now stands as one the best health practitioner, a position attained through years of experience. Below is a look at some aspects of Torchin’s life:

As a high-profile individual, you might be wondering how his Facebook I like. Apart from numerous positive reviews of his outstanding work, Brian Facebook is mainly dominated by link posts about his services. Also, several links to other helpful medical websites related to the health industry make up some of his Facebook Timeline. His twitter account has pretty much the same posts shared on Facebook . Read more about Brian Torchin on

Torchin created a staffing firm, HRC staffing, in 2007. HRC staffing takes care of the needs of chiropractors, nursing practitioners, dentists and physical therapists among others. Before that, Brian Torchin ran his chiropractic health center in Philadelphia.

As a veteran in the healthcare industry, Brian noticed the trouble experienced by medical graduates in getting jobs. He, therefore, created HRC staffing to help such graduates secure jobs. He has also created employment opportunities in his company. Moreover, Torchin continues to strive in making sure that people around the world have professional medical services. Such show of care to all is an admirable achievement.

Torchin has severally been featured by different media industries. Some of the media outlets that have featured him include Simply Hired in 2013, the Digital Journal,, and likewise wrote an article about how Torchin has been sustaining the increasingly growing demand for health professionals.

Some of the benefits of using Brian Torchin health care service is professionalism. Also, his reliability in finding and keep qualified staffing within a company is a benefit that companies should not miss out.

Torchin utilizes the e-commerce business model with a focus on finding jobs for people in the healthcare industry. His role in the community is that of a mentor not only in the healthcare industry but also in business. Through HCRC, Torchin assumes a vital part of the society. His commitment to the global restorative sector cannot be repudiated. It is his affection for the industry that gives him the drive to enhance it in what small amount way he can.

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