EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm Heals Lips

Chapped lips are no fun. The best chapped lip balm is one that soothes and heals the lips. Eos Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm does that and it smells like a little piece of heaven.

EOS has made many flavored lip balms over the years, but this is the first set that has true healing properties. Your lips feel better and will heal faster with the use of this little round ball of lip balm. It costs approximately $3 (Amazon). The blue color of the outside is pretty, but the inside looks just like all of the typical EOS products. This one simply feels better.

The science behind the EOS products is simple. The lips do not have the same glands that other parts of the body’s skin have. That means that they need extra care. When the winds blow cold it is unable to retain any moisture. What they use in the lip balm makes all the difference.

It creates a barrier from all that wind and dry air in the winter and the heat of the summer. Unlike some other lip balm companies, EOS does not use wax. Instead it uses organic alternatives instead. It really makes sense that the all natural ingredients are better for the lips.

EOS has been revolutionizing the lip balm industry for some time now. It’s in the lead, second only to one other lip product company today. A huge media campaign was used, but really wasn’t necessary considering how good the product really is for the lips. They are huge with everyone from celebrities to simple people that love cute colorful designs that can be used to soften and hydrate their lips. That’s what EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm does for the lips, except it also makes chapped lips heal fast while it feels amazing.


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