Felipe Montoro, reports PPP in Brazil

Felipe Montoro has reported details about Brazil’s usage of public private partnerships to make measurable progress towards the improvement of the economy. The Program for Partnerships and Investments is a government agency who primary goals involve establishing relationships with the public and private sectors to forge public private partnerships. In December 2004 Federal Law 11,079 / 04 became an official guideline defined by the government of Brazil the general rules that govern public private partnerships (PPP). Read This Article at for more info.

Felipe Montoro gained detailed information about an R $ 44 billion investment covering 57 projects and 22 sectors in a massive public private partnership stimulus package. The project is covering major road reconstruction, airport management solutions, and the auctioning of public companies to the private sector. Felipe Montoro, was able to discover the Mint will is scheduled to sold to a private entity.

Felipe Montoro, according to Moreora Franco, the Minster of the Secretary General say the Mint will have access to advanced technology from the private sector. BR 153 and BR 364 are both scheduled to be repaved as part of the R $ 44 billion project. Infraero according to Felipe Montoro Jens will be selling some of the airports currently under their control also. Infraero currently runs all the major airports in the country and owns 49% of each of their stocks.

Felipe Montoro, also detailed generally public private partnerships are ideal solution for expensive projects, and most public needs are expensive. By forging PPP are able to cut cost and still maintain the higher quality required by the government. Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais will be the very first in history to implement an outdoor lighting park completed by way of a public private partnership. The Belo Horizonte project is a 20 year project, scheduling by 2020 all the public lights will be upgraded to LED. Visit:



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