Igor Cornelsen and The Solutions He Brings For People’s Assets

When we want to grow a business, we have to make sacrifices. We have to cover areas in our lifestyle first before we can engange in the successful way of running a business. We have to make sure that we can hedge ourselves first against risk and ruin. Truly, those who survive today in the world of business are people who know how to do this. They know how to make sure that they will survive at the end of the day, and they would still be able to thrive in their business after a series of challenges. One of the few rare business leaders today who are able to do this is Igor Cornelsen, the investment advisor that has built a reputation in bringing wealth to everyone, and more.

The Ideamensch Interview

We may be able to learn a lot about Igor Cornelsen today by reading his Ideamensch interview whose transcript you can get online. The expansive transcript tells us how Mr. Igor Cornelsen withstood all the challenges of running a business and made sure that he still excels in the game. It is also in that interview that we’d learn that he was born on October 4th 1947, in Curitiba, Brazil. Not long after that, around 1965, he finished his engineering studies at the Federal University of Parana. It was there that he was able to get the foundation for the mathematics and solutions that would then build his later career. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

The Start of An Investment Firm

After hopping around a series of positions, Igor Cornelsen finally decided to just start his own investment advising firm not only to concentrate his attention on doing more help and service for others, but also to master the practice that he’d long been passionate about. It was in 1995 that this formal investment project of starting an investment advising firm started, and since then, Mr. Igor is now known to be one of the most successful investment managers today that can help people generate the assets and wealth that they need. Right now, he still continues to give people all the solutions they need to make their assets grow exponentially. Visit:




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