Brian Torchin’s Commitment to Quality Service

Brian Torchin started small with managing and opening offices in several states, but has risen to overseeing an expansive company that has been trusted in the business of staffing chiropractors. Torchin has spent years learning about the practice of being a chiropractor and it was his experience that allowed him to build a company that provides quality service to people who need it. Brian’s company called The Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing offer a number of services to potential medical practices as well as hire employees that are best for their business. HCRC works with hospitals and private practices in order to supply them with people to fill in their coveted positions. The company also does professional consulting, background checks, and staff training.

Brian Torchin has been praised for his work. Dr. Mayer Green, DC from Consultants of America, the nation’s largest firm gave praise towards Torchin and his work. Torchin has also been invited to do public speaking at numerous events for his work. Torchin stresses the importance of welcoming potential patients with a good environment that makes them feel appreciated. It was the simple act of focusing on the potential patients and their needs that has led to his acclaim. On his company website Torchin also writes about how to run a doctor’s office well, which is important to convincing potential patients to choose their office over the competition. He writes about hiring staff members to the offices as well as potential employers. Needless to say that Torchin has been a wellspring of useful information in regards to the business of healthcare.

It is easy to see why Brian Torchin and his company HCRC have received such praise. They provide quality information about the business coming from years of experience from Torchin working as a physician. They also use the information themselves to see the results that have allowed them to blossom. Brian is an effective manager and he seems to have made his mark in the healthcare industry with his commitment to quality services. Learn more:



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