Ted Bauman’s editorial works.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He specializes in asset protection, international migration issues, privacy, as well as low-risk investment strategies. He has Postgraduate degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. He is currently living in Atlanta, GA. He serves many executive roles in the non-profit fields. Basically, he is the manager for funds in low-cost housing projects. He writes weekly in daily Sovereign Investor Daily. He has been published in many international journals like Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development, Development and South African Press. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates

Bauman Letter is a newsletter for investment. It helps investors discover a better world of individual freedom by actionable strategies. Through this, your wealth grows, your privacy is guarded, and you can achieve your dreams.

Ted spends his life connecting people with the resources they require for a positive sovereign growth, which is not interfered by the government and corporate rules. His efforts has enabled him to start Slum Dwellers International for more than 14 million individuals in 35 countries.

In his interview with Idea Mensch, he says that he is committed the whole day paying attention to current news about the topics that benefit his readers and the subscribers. He writes to add value to Banyan Hill Publishing by writing essential issues that catch people’s attention. In this interview, he says that a writer should be able to utilize excellent writing skills as well as narrative skills in explaining the importance of particular topics. This is especially in mundane topics such as finance and protection of assets. He wakes up early and spends the most productive time to do the hardest work, and this makes his more productive. He is excited by the trend that most of his readers and increasingly questioning the nature of their economy. His company is finding that issues emerge from the free capital movement as well as inadequate financial products regulation. He is encountering ordinary people who are more interested in solving these problems which are developing issues. Read more at to know more on Ted Bauman.

Ted Bauman has failures in his work just like other people. As the executive director of a housing finance company, the income households were very low to construct houses. They had to intervene to help the people develop financial management systems that will enable them to utilize the little money they have. He says he has recently used $100 on the best rice cooker, made in Japan. This rice cooker is from the local store, which is specializing in Asian Cuisine and Asian cooking implements. View:



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