The 2018 Precious Metal Forecast According to U.S. Money Reserve

The gold market had a stable 2017 except for one brief period in the month of September. During that month, there was tension on the global scene due to tensions surrounding North Korea.

What will the gold market do in 2018. The Chief Numismatist at U.S Money Reserve Mr. John Rothans has analyzed the year ahead, and he believes that the opinion of most in the field is that the gold market will perform well in 2018. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Twitter

Among precious metal forecasters, there is little difference as to their opinion on where gold prices will trade. The majority of analysts believe that gold will reach a high of around $1400 an ounce. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

There are factors that might make this dollar figure a little higher or a little lower. If there are significant developments of a negative nature in the area of global politics, gold prices could see an increase in the overall price. If the supply of gold should be higher or lower than expected, this would put pressure on the gold market. A smaller supply would increase the price.

Mr. Rothans of U.S Money Reserve also analyzed the silver market. On the silver market front, a much more stable year is expected in 2018 compared to the volatile year for that precious metal in 2017.

Forecasters have set a $18 per ounce target on silver for 2018. As with gold, the price is subject to a number of trends and developments. The supply of silver is the major factor that concerns analysts at this time. Silver has industrial uses. If the supply is smaller due to higher industrial demand, silver will certainly increase. However, there is the possibility of oversupply, and this would see a decrease in silver prices.

One factor that is dominating the thoughts of precious metal investors is what the Federal Reserve will do with interest rates. If there are more rate increases than currently expected, precious metal prices will be affected.

U.S Reserve advises clients on trends in the precious metal market. They are also a major distributor of U.S coins. U.S. Money Reserve is headed by Philip N. Diehl who was the 35th Director of the United States Mint.


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