Chris Burch Career as a Business Owner

Chris Burch has enjoyed success as a business owner for several decades. He is the type of person who is always willing to invest in a new idea. After graduating from high school, Chris attended Ithaca College. He did not have a clear plan for his career, but he decided to major in business. He wanted to learn more about running a business, so he started a sweater company with his brother.

The pair sold college sweatshirts to students for a low price. The business quickly expanded, and Eagle Eye Apparel earned millions of dollars in just a few years. Despite the success, Chris decided to let his brother manage the company. Chris wanted to focus on other business projects.

Real Estate

Chris started investing in real estate as soon as he started working. He wanted to build a real estate portfolio that generated income each month. He learned about real estate investing from his father. His father was also a successful business owner, and he taught Chris the value of investing for the future.

Chris started working on a hotel idea in 2013. Nihiwatu Resort is now among the most well-known hotels in the entire world (  It is considerably expensive to stay at the resort. Nihiwatu Resort is located in Indonesia, and it is on a beautiful island. Anyone who wants to attend the retreat has to plan months in advance. The resort is booked continuously because prominent business owners enjoy staying there.

Other Investments

Despite his immense wealth, Chris is continually looking for new investment opportunities. He recently announced a partnership with Ellen Degeneres on a new business idea. He wants to continue investing in startup companies as long as he is working. He mentors various young people in his local area, check He wants to make a positive impact on the world through his charitable giving.


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