U.S. Money Reserve offers important protection against financial catastrophe

Since the financial crash of 2008, the U.S. government and its central bank have followed a historically unprecedented and, some would say, radical monetary and fiscal policy.

The Federal Reserve has flooded the market with cheap credit and expanded monetary supply like never before. This unrestrained money printing has dropped interest rates to historic lows, fueling asset bubbles in equities, real estate and even the bond market.

At the same time, the U.S. federal government has been continuing down a road of monumental fiscal irresponsibility. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Behaving not much better than a shopaholic with an unlimited credit card, the federal government has been setting record deficits year after year and then resorting to paying for them by issuing phenomenal amounts of new government debt. This, in turn, has been made possible by the historically low interest rates produced by the Fed’s artifice.

What happens when Uncle Sam’s credit card finally gets declined?

In addition to the wild spending, the government is currently experiencing exponential growth in mandatory entitlement expenditures.

Eventually, in the not-too-distant future, Uncle Sam’s credit card will be declined. And when that day comes, there will be a great deal of pain, perhaps excruciating, to spread around the U.S. tax base and the economy as a whole.

U.S. Reserve is one of the premier distributors of new-issue coins in the world. As a company that has helped millions of customers adopt long-term financial strategies that use precious coins as a hedge, U.S. Money Reserve has adopted an increasingly urgent tone when addressing its existing customers and the public at large that gold, silver and platinum coin ownership should not be viewed as an optional hedging strategy by anyone.

Under some of the scenarios that are likely to unfold as a result of the towering financial irresponsibility of the U.S. and the hubris and duplicity of its politicians, physically holding gold, silver and platinum coins may mean the difference between meeting your family’s basic survival needs or being left to the wolves. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue and US Money Reserve | Twitter

Although it may not be pleasant to consider, the reality is that the same fiscal and monetary picture that is emerging in the U.S. today has been played out many times before throughout history.

From the fall of the Roman Empire to Zimbabwe to Venezuela, fiscal irresponsibility has led to unserviceable debts, which, in turn, have led to hyperinflation through unrestrained money printing.

Ask any Venezuelan, and they’ll tell you: Physically holding gold, silver or platinum coins may be the difference between life and death.

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