Michael Hagele, JD Law: Counsel, Bike, Draft, Repeat

Michael Hagele receives inspiration through physicality, always for the better, He particularly uses mountain biking to stir up his creative juices, to stay in shape, and to have as a point of contact in networking with kindred spirits. Mike especially remembers a time when working at a carwash in Chicago Illinois he reached biting cold temperatures that nearly claimed his fingertips. It was that daunting and humbling experience that led him into a life of innovation and proactive achievements.

Michael Hagele completed his Juris Doctorate degree at the University of California, Berkeley campus and his Baccalaureate of Arts at the University of Iowa. He currently functions as counsel for intellectual property and is excited about the new legislative frontier facing the challenges Artificial Intelligence Technology presents. He specializes also in bringing his ideas to lucrative fruition, learning from any mistakes along the way. Follow Michael Hagele at

As General Outside Counsel for several small to medium sized technology firms and divisions, his work day consists of activities ranging from providing consultation and reminders concerning typical, legal guidelines, to industry specific concerns in the areas of biotechnology, aerospace, defense and the internet, all the way to drafting and approving customized contracts for business. He has founded, cofounded and manages several of his own hospitality industry companies ranging from travel tours to restaurants to luxurious bed & breakfast venues to cigarbars and dance studios.

Michael Hagale is able to successfully balance all of his high powered roles by adhering foremost to a much appreciated adage: put the customers’ needs first. He delivers high quality service in a cost effective manner for his clientele.

The mentor in him leads Michael Hagele to suggest we read the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow (or you can go see the play,) and to share his favorite software applications which are MicroSoft Office, Google’s Suite of web services and STRAVA. He further advises us of the importance of connecting via social media for the growth of one’s Company. Above all, no matter how busy he keeps his day, you will find Michael Hagele making time to mountain bike right around noon. Visit:



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