Penelope Kokkinides: Advocating For Healthcare In Puerto Rico

Within the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, there are many advocates for the continued well-being of their residents. You can definitely count Penelope Kokkinides as one of those individuals. As CEO of Innovacare, Kokkinides is tasked with helping all of her patients find the appropriate health care insurance that they need for all their medical concerns. Needless to say, she is definitely concerned that Puerto Rico is on the losing end of healthcare insurance, simply because all recent health care cuts to the territory far outweigh anything that is occurring in Mainland USA.


Kokkinides comes well-qualified for her current position. She was educated at Suny at Binghamton (NY), and Columbia University in the City of New York (NY). Now, Penelope Kokkinides has extensive healthcare experience in navigating the legal tightropes of Medicaid and Medicare. She knows that by being an advocate in these areas, more individuals will get the health care they need in Puerto Rico.To say that this is an important area for Penelope kokkinides would be a serious understatement. Indeed, it is so much so in fact, that she did not take lightly the recent opportunity she had as one of several women executives to meet with President Trump last year.


It was during this meeting that Penelope Kokkinides discussed one of her main projects and what she is most passionate about: that of Medicare Advantage within the island. This is one of the most popular health care programs for Puerto Rican residents, and Penelope Kokkinides is more than a little concerned that funding will continue to decrease. Under the Obama Administration, funding for this important Puerto Rican program dropped continually by $1 billion dollars annually. Kokkinides communicated her concerns to President Trump that if these cuts continue, many residents will be forced to get their health care in the mainland instead of on the island.


On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides was confident that this administration was at least considering changes to Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Program through the CMS organization. She praised President Trump and others for attempting to help Puerto Rico dig out of their healthcare hole. One thing is for certain: if Penelope Kokkinides has something to say about it, the residents of Puerto Rico will continue to get all of their needed health care needs met in the best way possible.



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