Ted Bauman and Banyan Hill Publishing Offering You Investment Advice

Ted Bauman and Banyan Hill Publishing Offering You Investment Advice

Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the fastest growing publishers, with more than 400,000 active readers. The readers depend on the website’s panel of experts to assist them to identify investment opportunities. The site gives investment advice on deeply undervalued US companies, option plays, income-producing investments, small-cap and mid-cap stocks, and commodities & natural resources.

Founded in 1998, Banyan Hill has now become one of the leading global asset and investment organization based on the value of personal sovereignty and self-reliance. The website is known for offering its dedicated community of readers with advice relating to private foundations, asset protection trusts, establishing and running offshore banks, international business corporations, second citizenship and foreign residency, investment strategies, and so much more.

The website was rebranded in 2006. This was aimed at enabling the company’s network of experts in entrepreneurship, investing, and protection focus on their job. These experts allowed the company to assist people from all the corners of the globe obtain the freedom of total wealth. As a result, it offered them the ability to make their own decision and choose their financial destiny. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

As the name suggests, the name of the website was derived from the banyan tree. As you know the banyan tree is the world’s widest tree. Banyan is a unique tree as it has a cluster of roots that offers support to it. Whilst these trees do not grow as tall as oak or redwood trees, their unique ability to support themselves allow them to withstand natural disasters like storms, floods, and hurricanes.

Ted Bauman is the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the Bauman and Plan B Club. He joined the company in 2013 and focuses on low investment strategies, international migration issues, privacy, and asset protection. Before Ted Bauman joined Banyan publishing, he worked as a researcher and writer. He also worked as an Editor of Smart Money Alert. Before this, however, Ted Bauman was a director of International Housing Programs at Habitat for Humanity International. He later relocated to the Caribbean and Latin America.

After the 2008 global financial crisis, market volatility is rearing its head once again. Investors are now on high alert as they do not know when the next financial bubble will burst. For individuals looking for protection during the upcoming financial distress – they have two options: they can make their own independent financial decisions without any external influence or they can contact a financial expert like Ted Bauman to help them make decisions. It goes without saying the latter option is not appealing, whilst the former option gives you an opportunity to become a financial guru yourself. Read:




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